Reminder: closed toe shoes required for all throwers.

Please Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to reservation.

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Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Being late means you'll be cutting into your reserved time. The lane(s) will most likely be reserved after you, so unfortunately we are not able to push your times back if you are late. 

You and your ENTIRE group MUST be a MINIMUM of 21 years old or older AFTER 8pm, be with their parent/guardian, or be participating in a pre-set event with The Driftless Axe management. There will be NO refunds for individuals that attempt to book and subvert this rule. We serve alcohol on premise and have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on underage drinking. 


Because we are a restaurant and experience facility, we do allow under 21 to eat and throw until 8pm, in other words, if ANYONE in your party is under 21 (and not accompanied by a parent or guardian) do NOT schedule your lane(s) any later than 7pm. At 8pm anyone under 21 (again, not with parent or guardian) WILL be asked to vacate the premises. 


We are VERY serious about individuals behaving in a responsible manner on-site....let's face it, we're throwing axes! There is NO excuse to behave inappropriately while here. We LOVE that we are able to bring this experience to La Crosse and have every intention on not going anywhere, which means you will be expected to follow ALL rules and requests for your safety and ours.


Thank you and we can't wait to see you soon!


The Driftless Axe